Miami Impact Windows

MiamiMiami is South Florida’s largest city by population and is the second most populous city in Florida. Miami is possibly the most influential, well known, and cultural city in Florida. Miami has a very large Spanish speaking population and has the largest percentage of Cuban Americans in America.  An unfortunate reality about Miami is the threat of hurricanes. Miami has a higher chance for hurricanes and tropical storms than any other city in the US. Fortunately, we provide quality impact windows in Miami that can provide protection from severe hurricanes.



When it comes down to security and protection. there shouldn’t be any compromises with quality. There are three things that make our Miami impact windows hurricane resistant: laminated glass, heavy duty frames, and silicon glazing. These three ingredients make our impact windows highly resistant to large impacts and even provide protection from burglary, vandalism, and home invasions. Another positive is that Miami residents may be eligible for reduced insurance and energy costs with our energy efficient impact windows. Whether you have a residential or commercial property in Miami, you can reliably count on our impact windows.


Impact Windows In Miami

A common choice for Miami homes and businesses is hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters do their job but they are not convenient at all. When the threat of a major storm looms over Miami, homeowners and businesses have to spend time installing heavy shutters. Then, after the hurricane clears, time and energy must be spent to remove all the shutters. Accordion shutters takes some of the time and energy out of the equation but can ruin the aesthetics of a property. Also with locked shutters, the view outdoors is completely restricted and no outside light is able to enter the property. Impact windows have none of these drawbacks as they replace your current windows and can increase the overall value of your Miami property.


Contact us today for a free estimate on Miami impact windows for your home or commercial property. Our impact windows are a great solution for condos, apartment buildings, office buildings, and homes in Miami. We have replaced and installed impact windows all over Miami and throughout South Florida. Call us at 954.786-8525.