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impact windows pompano beachImpact windows in Pompano Beach took on new importance after major hurricanes that occurred in 1992, 2004 and 2005. The area has also been “brushed” by numerous tropical storms since. The one thing South Florida residents have learned is that you can’t take the weather for granted. It’s also important not to mistake a relatively quiet period of no hurricanes as being the norm, thus creating a false sense of security.


Pompano Beach Impact Windows

At All American Windows, we have worked with many different types of residential and commercial projects by maximizing window protection. A quick look our portfolio reveals a diversity of impact window projects in Pompano Beach and throughout South Florida.

People who live in hurricane-prone areas are sometimes not sure whether or not impact resistant windows are the best option for protecting their home.

We can eliminate that uncertainty right now. If you live in a hurricane prone location like Pompano Beach, Florida, you need hurricane protection for your property. You can use aluminum panels, accordion shades, or simple plywood with regard to protection, but impact resistant windows are more convenient, less intrusive, and they allow light to enter your house. Moreover, they are just as effective, or more effective than other forms of protection.


How Our Impact Windows Are Made

Let’s review about how hurricane windows in Pompano Beach are created. These windows are constructed with two layers of laminated glass. Between the two tiers of glass is another coating of plastic film. When strong winds or flying debris cause your window to shatter, the layer with plastic film will remain in place, keeping wind and water out of your home and continuing to shield it from any further damage from the storm. Once a screen has been constructed, it must go through rigid product testing. Additionally, the windows are usually tested for their effectiveness, making sure that they can stand up to small and large impacts that could occur during a hurricane. How much can the hurricane window withstand? While all windows are a little different, high impact windows can usually withstand wind rates of speed of up to 130 miles per hour.


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