Impact Windows Pembroke Pines

impact windows pembroke pinesPembroke Pines has been affected by numerous storms of different intensities over the years. When it comes to hurricanes and tropical storms, it’s never if, but when.

Living in South Florida means living with the threat potential hurricanes and tropical storms. If you’re a Pembroke Pines homeowner that is concerned about hurricane protection, now is the time to act. Many of us have a false sense of security when we experience a period of no storm activity. But, as the media likes to remind us, it only takes one bad storm to cause major damage to an area. Pembroke Pines is in a geographic location that is especially vulnerable – near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and within the southernmost portion of the Florida peninsula.


Don’t wait until a storm is looming to make a decision. Our impact windows in Pembroke Pines are hurricane resistant, made of the highest quality, and offer reliable protection.


Impact Windows in Pembroke Pines Have Many Advantages

Impact windows in Pembroke Pines are very useful to help protect homeowners from hurricanes in the area. They offer protection without the huge additional expense of bulky, highly visible hurricane shutters. They also offer a variety of additional advantages to the homeowner.

Pembroke Pines impact windows provide increased energy efficiency by utilizing multi-layered laminated glass. This type of glass insulates your home, while maintaining the home’s internal temperature and reducing its cooling and heating costs. Impact windows are not always thought about this way, but they also offer enhanced security to your home. Broken or structurally compromised windows are the most frequent form of unauthorized entry for an intruder. Hurricane windows in Pembroke Pines won’t shatter and your home will be protected around the clock. Moreover, if you have been bothered by noise outside of your home, you have an added advantage. Pembroke Pines impact windows absorb sound and significantly lower ambient noise. Additionally, if you are concerned about UV rays and the sun’s harmful effect on your home’s interior and its furnishings, hurricane windows in Pembroke Pines filter out 99% of UV rays.


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The benefits are crystal clear. Hurricane resistant, impact windows in Pembroke Pines are practical, protective and well worth the investment for your safety and security. Call us today at 954-786-8525 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate today!