Impact Windows Delray Beach

impact windows Delray BeachImpact Windows in Delray Beach Are Popular

If you look at the history of Delray Beach and the entire South Florida region, you’ll understand why impact windows in Delray Beach are a popular choice.


Delray Beach is a nice residential area with beautiful scenery, lovely homes, and a great Atlantic coastline. Delray Beach’s location in South Florida warm weather year round but it also means that  the area is under constant threat from hurricanes.


Hurricane Frances in 2004 and Hurricane Wilma in 2005 both affected Delray Beach and homeowners who had hurricane impact windows installed were spared significant damage to the interior of their homes.


Delray Beach Impact Windows Are The Ideal Choice


Let’s face it. Who really wants to go through the hassle of installing plywood or aluminum shutters across the windows, block out all the natural light from entering your home, obstruct exit points in case of a fire, and then remove them a day or two later? Boarding up windows with plywood or aluminum shutters is time consuming and can be dangerous (especially when ladders must be used to reach second story windows. Accordion shutters take some of the effort out of the ordeal, but they still have to be closed and opened, they still block out natural light, and they detract from your home’s appearance.


Impact windows in Delray Beach helped to protect homes during the very active hurricane seasons in the past and will continue to protect homes in the future. In addition to reliable hurricane protection, our Delray Beach impact windows also protect homeowners from intruders looking to enter the home by breaking windows. The peace of mind that our impact resistant windows bring to Delray Beach homeowners is immeasurable.


Our impact windows in Delray Beach provide an extraordinary level of protection in a totally seamless manner. You won’t even know you have strong hurricane impact protection all around your home because it blends in with the outer appearance of your home like any other window glass.


Without a doubt, south florida impact windows offer the best hurricane protection solution for your Delray Beach home. Call us at 954-786-8525 or fill out our form for a free estimate today!