Impact Windows Deerfield Beach

Impact windows Deerfield BeachDeerfield Beach is a beautiful city located on Florida’s southeastern coast between Boca Raton (to the north) and Pompano Beach (to the south). Deerfield’s Beach location (like most communities in South Florida) makes it very susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. After the two major hurricanes that hit South Florida in 2004 and 2005, impact windows in Deerfield Beach started becoming more popular.  Deerfield Beach impact windows are, without a doubt, the best hurricane protection solution.


Deerfield Beach Impact Windows

At All American Windows, we have been dedicated and committed to providing quality impact windows in Deerfield Beach for residential and commercial properties. While many property owners may not be familiar with impact windows, our goal is to provide Deerfield Beach residents with hurricane protection and security they can depend on.


Like just about anything else, means of protecting your home from hurricanes and tropical storms has evolved and advanced over time. There was once a time when the only form of hurricane protection came from covering windows with plyboard or aluminum shutters. While plyboard and aluminum shutters offer protection, they are definitely a hassle to install and they have drawbacks. The fact that they need to be installed and removed before and after a storm threat makes them inefficient. The installation (and removal) process can also be dangerous. Once plyboard or aluminum shutters are installed, the view outside is completely blocked and this also creates a fire hazard.


Accordion shutters addressed the issue with laborous installation and removal but they:

  • Still have to be professionally installed
  • Require time to close and lock the shutters before the storm and also to open them up again after the storm. This still can be an inconvenience, especially for people with two story homes
  • Detract from the beauty of the home as they are permanently affixed to the windows

Our Deerfield Beach impact windows have none of these shortcomings and provide constant, 24/7 hurricane protection as well as additional security from burglars and vandals. As an added bonus, our impact windows are energy efficient and they can also increase the value of your home.


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