Unitized Curtain Wall:

ES 7530



ES 7530 Unitized Curtain wall is a practical design that can accommodate to multiple conditions and saves installation time at the job site. This curtain wall is thermally isolated with a system of superior performance and structural strength, Insulbar, which besides its excellent thermal performance allows dual finish design flexibility.

 System Description

  • Frame depth: 7 1/2”
  • Sight line: 3”
  • Designed for 1” insulated glass
  • Compatible with ES 9000 impact door
  • Design load: +50/-50 psf
  • Water infiltration: 15 psf
  • U Value: 0.41 (with 1/4 SB60 – 1/2 air – 1/4 clear)
  • Four-sided SSG tested for Bomb blast: 5.8 psi 41.1 psi – msec ASTM. Minimal hazard GSA Condition 2 UFC DoD Medium level


  • Preassembled and pre-glazed
  • Two or Four-sided SSG and Captured options.
  • 90 degrees inside and outside corners.
  • Integrated vents.
  • Anodized, painted or wood grain finishes available

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