All American Windows And Doors Helps Reduce Homeowners Wind Insurance Premiums

All American Windows and Doors provides energy efficient hurricane window protection to help homeowners become eligible for Citizens Wind Insurance Coverage.

Earlier this year private residents throughout the state of Florida received letters in the mail from Citizen’s Insurance, the State’s homeowners’ insurance provider created by Florida Legislature in 2002. This letter informed homeowners located in the Wind Borne Debris regions specific to Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties that they must have the proper hurricane protection products protecting their dwellings to be eligible for coverage. This compliance is specific to private homes valued at $750,000 or more, whether they were built under the new building codes or not. Wood board shutter systems are no longer an acceptable form of protection.
In addition to helping homeowners reduce their insurance costs, ES Windows are green friendly and proven to significantly reduce utility usage. With FPL rates on the rise, All American is setting an industry precedent by advocating energy efficiency and personal safety. All American is helping homeowners save money in this challenging economy by providing its clients with the products and documentation they need to send into their insurance providers that will maintain their eligibility for coverage. This will also allow policy holders to be considered for a premium reduction on their policy. All American Windows and Doors is providing a solution by servicing all of the homes located in these regions with energy efficient, high impact ES Windows and Doors. These products surpass the stringent new building codes and meet the expectations of insurance companies. This letter alarmed many homeowners because one of the terms mentioned in this new eligibility mandate was that homeowners in these regions have a grace period of six months from the time they renew their wind insurance policy to prove that their hurricane protection products, whether they are shutters or impact glass, are up to code. Homeowners who are not able to provide Citizen’s with this documentation will no longer be covered and the insurance company will inform the home loan lender immediately.