All American Announces Partnership With Dev Motwani

Dev Motwani is President and CFO of Merrimac Ventures, a diversified real estate investment, development and management firm. In addition to his role as acting CFO of Merrimac Ventures, Dev is partners with his brother Nitin Motwani, who is a Managing Principal of the Miami WorldCenter Project, a 25-acre, +12 million sq. ft. mixed-use development in Downtown Miami.
His responsibilities include overseeing the day-to-day operations for the firm’s real estate and hotel operations, handling all financings and legal aspects of the business and overseeing the firm’s staff of over 100 employees. He oversees the management of various hotels in Broward County and asset manages the firm’s properties throughout the US and India. As a partner on the Trump International project on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Dev handled all financial and legal aspects of the transaction on behalf of Merrimac Ventures and led the development team that recently received entitlements to build the 22-story Ocean Wave Beach Resort on Fort Lauderdale Beach. He is also developing a Solar Technology project for hotel properties to be marketed and sold globally and is spearheading efforts to expand into other areas.
Dev currently serves on the City of Fort Lauderdale`s Economic Development Advisory Board. He also sits on the Board of the Broward Housing Partnership`s Community Land Trust which is a non-profit affordable housing development entity in Fort Lauderdale. Dev is Vice President of the Golden Square Association, a group comprised of business owners in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area and is on the Business First task force, a joint venture between the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Fort Lauderdale.