The 2017 Hurricane Forecast Prediction: Average

2017-hurricane-seasonHurricane Season officially begins in a matter of days and Floridians should be prepared or starting to prepare themselves for the threats of tropical storms. Hurricane seasons runs from June 1st to November 30th: for half the year, Florida is under constant threat of hurricanes and tropical storms. 

Although there is never a guarantee of a hurricane making landfall during this prime period of time, the chances of them touching down are higher than any other time of year.

The 2017 Hurricane Season

Meteorologists anticipate a modest 2017 hurricane season, based on the weather this year so far. Forecasters predict that the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season should be just about average. Since there is the possibility of another El Nino this summer, the likelihood of a hurricane is actually slightly lower than average.

Although it is still too early to have solid answers regarding the hurricane season, there are certainly predictions. The forecast predicts approximately 10-12 storms this year with the potential of up to six of those developing into hurricanes.

Storm trackers in the US are on high-alert these next five months and have already been on top of one storm so far this year. This particular storm was almost large enough to be dubbed the first hurricane of the year, although it desiccated as it moved through the central Atlantic and never developed into a serious threat.  

What’s The Likelihood of A Storm Touching Down?

According to the annual Colorado State University Forecast, there are 11 projected storms that will be large enough to name this season, with at last four maturing into hurricanes. Out of the four hurricanes, it is predicted that at least two of them will intensify into full-fledged hurricanes. Although the Florida Coast is largely at risk for hurricane landfall, the Caribbean boasts a 34-percent likelihood of witnessing a hurricane this year.

“Deep, warm water and high sea surface temperatures over the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean also threaten to support at least one high impact hurricane similar to Joaquin in 2015 and Matthew in 2016,” states AccuWeather (Source).

Since the El Nino effect works to warm up the Pacific ocean, the westerly winds work to foster hurricanes, allowing them to fully develop. 2016 was the deadliest season in terms of hurricanes, with a staggering 15 named storms and seven official hurricanes.

Although the prediction for a hurricane is average this coming hurricane season, it’s always advisable to be properly prepared for any situation that may arise. Impact windows and doors offer superior protection during a hurricane as they are resistant to the impact of flying debris up to 145mph. Since these windows are shatterproof, they are also a fantastic method of security for your home.

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