How Climate Change Affects Hurricane Season

climate-change-hurricaneWe are all pretty familiar with the dangers of climate change by now.

With hurricane season in the United States in full force, many people are wondering if climate change has an effect on the number of active hurricanes that develop in the Atlantic. 

Tropical Storms Are Developing Earlier and Later Than Expected

Climate change is worrying meteorologists as lately, major hurricanes and storms have been falling outside the ‘hurricane season’ dates of June 1st to November 30th. Tropical Storm Arlene made its appearance in April 2017 which is almost two full months earlier than anticipated. This is worrisome and meteorologists are wondering how exactly climate change is making this happen.  

The Impact of Climate Change

With above-average ocean temperatures combined with higher sea levels, climate change has surely transformed what hurricane season is all about. Climate change is making itself well known by virtue of the shear damage that these hurricane winds, storm surge, and rainfall can have. These factors are exerting a huge influence on hurricane damage aftermath with then wreaks havoc on our communities.

The effect that climate change has on the presence of hurricanes is major. It can affect that way we conduct research and operate in our everyday lives.

It is predicted that a warmer climate will bring fewer storms overall but the storms that we do have will be significantly more severe.

While we cannot do anything to prevent hurricanes from forming, we can definitely take steps to slow down climate change.

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