Former FEMA Director Warns Floridians Of More Hurricanes

hurricane-warningIn recent news, the former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Florida Division of Emergency Management announced that there may be more storms a brewing in the upcoming years. Though their beliefs of whether or not the rapid increase of storms is due to the earth’s changing climate, they are positive that in years to come, the storms will be greatly increasing in their intensity.

Prediction Uncertainties

With each hurricane, it’s always difficult for families to determine whether or not it’s going to be necessary to pack all their things up, prep their home, and hunker down for the potential onslaught of wind, rain, and flooding. This skepticism is definitely a result of the unpredictable nature of the course of the storm. Far too often, there have been instances of meteorologists and hurricane experts making predictions that did not come true, resulting in one of two things:

  1. The storm was predicted to hit a certain area, but ended up going in a different direction. Resulting in a significant amount of families who took the necessary precautions for no reason.
  2. The storm hit an area that was not predicted to reach. Resulting in multitudes of families having to evacuate without enough time to get supplies and prepare their home.

This series of events was especially true in the case of Irma. Many families who were under the evacuation route were extremely skeptical of whether or not they should actually leave. Mostly because the forecast models for the storm did not match its actual course (source).

In a recent study, researchers found that a lot less Floridians are trusting in the information that is expelled by the local weather and hurricane watch centers. Approximately 1 in 4 Florida residents do not trust forecasts as a result of Hurricane Irma’s travel path.

Preparing For The Next Inevitable Hurricane

In addition to this survey, officials also discovered that far too many Floridians do not have adequate supplies at hand in the event of a storm–hurricane-grade impact windows, backup batteries, and sufficient supply of water and non-perishable food. This mindset has a lot of hurricane officials, FEMA officials, public safety officers, and the Florida Division of Emergency Management very apprehensive for the series of events to come in light of the next storm. Craig Fugate, the former director of FEMA and Florida Division of Emergency Management is really stressing the fact to Floridians that the next bouts of storms are only going to increase in intensity. He wants all Floridians to take the necessary precautions that will ensure their safety through the next hurricane season–even if the forecasts are not spot on. Regardless of its path, Fugate believes that the surges of these storms will be stronger than ever, resulting in heavy winds and rains that are bound to spread all throughout Florida. Fugate also warns that these storms are expected to have longer periods of top speeds, as well.

Fugate also advised that with these storms ahead, that all Florida residents need to have a 6-month plan in action for the onslaught of hurricane season. With the rapid change in climate, flooding is be expected. It’s highly important for residents to come up with a 6-month plan for the hurricane season as well as invest in renters and homeowners insurance that offer hurricane and flood coverage.

With the earth’s climate having a major part in the increased intensity of the storm, hurricane officials want the public to know how serious this can affect them come time for hurricane season. Most importantly, they want all Floridians to take whatever warning come their way, very seriously. Though it’s very hard to predict the path of the storm. Hurricane experts do their very best to ensure the safety of the public during this very stressful time. More damaging storms are to come, therefore, Floridians, we ask that you take the necessary precautions for your home and your family.

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