5 New Changes For The 2017 Hurricane Season Forecasts

2017 hurricane forecast changes


Dealing with hurricane season is a way of life in Florida as well as along the Atlantic Coast. As the hurricane season is soon to make its debut, the National Hurricane Center has implemented new protocol and advisories for the hurricane season. The NHC has announced improvements to messaging which have taken almost 10 years to perfect, among various other improvements as well (Source).

Changes to The Hurricane Forecast in 2017

1. Storm cautioning will be issued prior to storm forming:

  • Even if a storm has not yet developed, the NHC now has an obligation to inform the nation even if there is only suspect of a storm. Even if the storm has the potential to form, the public will be made well-aware. With projected paths and adequate warning, advisories will help people to better plan their evacuation or storm preparation.

2. Storm surge advisories and warnings:

  • The National Weather Service is compelled to now advise the public of watches and warnings which may develop into potentially hazardous storms. Whether in it’s initial stages or more than likely to turn into a storm, these warnings will be issued. ” Storm surge is often the greatest threat to life and property from a tropical cyclone, and it doesn’t always occur at the same times or locations as a storm’s hazardous winds”, states the HNC (Source).

3. Forecast for storms begins as soon as they are noticed:

  • As soon as the NHC recognizes that a storm may be on its way, a watch or warning will be placed immediately. 

4. The cone of ambiguity has shrunk:

  • The size of the cone fluctuates every year depending on several factors. The projected path will be smaller and more narrow in size in order to give a more realistic representation of where the storm is headed and what areas are at risk.

5. Graphic advisories are more detailed:

  • The graphics that are released to the public will be improved. Fonts and colors are just a couple of the many improvements happening in 2017.

It’s Never Too Early To Prepare

With hurricane season approaching, it’s never too early to make a plan of action for when a tropical storm watch or hurricane warning come into place. Even though there may not be a storm every hurricane season, it’s always advisable to be properly prepared in the chance that things turn dangerous. The National Hurricane Center is dedicated to bettering their advisories on order to better inform residents.

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